News 7 January 2012

Great news for Batman fans, as Batman: Earth One is confirmed for a 2012 release. You can see some of the art for Batman: Earth One here.


If you’re a fan of the lego games (and you all should be), get excited because Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes his shelves this (American) Summer. The game will not only feature the Bat Family, but will also involve cameos from Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, among others.


In case you couldn’t work it out yourself, DC are selling a lot of comics right now. Justice League #1 is up to 360,000 copies, while Batman and Action Comics #1 both sold upwards of 250,000.


Because talking to comic book readers isn’t daunting enough for ‘normal people’, a former comic book store owner in Michigan pleads to a judge that he did not murder his wife. Read about it here.


The new year will also see new prices for some of the best selling DC comics.  Batman and Detective comics will be raised to $3.99 with the page count taken to 40. DC will also be offering ‘combo packs’, for Green Lantern and Detective Comics, which will finally also see DC giving coupons to download the digital versions of these titles.



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