News 6 January 2012

Marvel and Harley Davidson have teamed up again, via their Assemble Your Freedom Campaign. While the official details are yet to be released, it offers you a chance to be immortalised in Avengers and Harley Davidson history. Harley Davidson previously was affiliated with Marvel via the Captain America release.


DC have given readers a first look at the upcoming Batman:Death By Design. The preview art by Dave Taylor is up on the DC blog here. 


The next big comic crossover is set to hit shelves in April. Marvel are encouraging comic retailers to host ‘Avengers v X-men’ parties, but they are told they should choose a side and will receive promotional material based on what side they choose.


A clone of Spiderman called “Scarlett Spider” is soon to protect the streets of Houston in a new comic launched on Wednesday.


If you were one of the people who cried when Cap’s best mate died in the movie, fear not, Bucky is back, in Marvels “Winter Soldier” released next month.


With all the crappy reality TV shows, it’s only natural that eventually a comic like “Americas Got Powers” was produced. Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch team up for this new titles for Image.


A new comic telling the story of the unsung hero of our generation, Steve Jobs, has been released. The point of difference from every other biography is that, first of all, it’s a comic, and it focuses on his ‘lost years’ after he got forced out of Apple.




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