Coming to a TV near you…

Apparently next year is going to be a huge one for comic book TV shows. Perhaps it’s due to the popularity of The Walking Dead, the launch of the new 52, or the popularity of TV shows that are based on a simple idea – their main characters being geeks (Big Bang Theory, My Life as Liz, New Girl) – but whatever the reason networks are keen on bringing your favourite heroes to the small screen.

This comes as a bit of a shock to me, mostly due to the much noted failed Wonder Woman pilot. Or the fact that, despite its popularity, most people don’t actually like The Walking Dead as a TV show. Yes, we all watch it, but we do so with baited breath, wondering when Laurie will stop being such a bitch or if anyone, besides Darryl, will actually ever do something.

Regardless of the possibility for failure we’ll still watch them because as avid comic book fans we take everything we can get. Here’s a quick breakdown in case you don’t mind risking seeing your beloved characters possibly insulted.

Hulk – Being pitched as a family TV show. Stan Lee is excited but he was probably secretly involved in the Spider-Man porn parody.  The show is also set to focus on Hulk’s origin story, with a younger Banner and his relationship with Betty.

Punisher – Apparently he’s getting a bit of a re-creation as a rising star detective who moonlights as a vigilante, punishing people the courts cannot. Look, I’ve never read a Punisher book or seen any of the movies and even I think this makes him sound like a pussy compared to his normal, ‘kill errybody’ self.

AKA Jessica Jones – being written by the screenwriter for Twilight, for a character that actually has PTSD this is a bit scary. If, in Twilight, Bella fell into a deep depression due to her boyfriend leaving her, let’s just hope Jessica can even get out of bed.

Chew – I’m so glad they’re making this a comedy. I really don’t think we need a new psychic detective TV show. At least the various CSIs and Law and Orders admit they’re all the same thing.

Deadman – While this is meant to be a quick replacement for Smallville I am a little excited because it will be developed by Eric Kripke. If it has half the self-awareness and attention to detail that Supernatural does it could actually be good.

Spectre – This makes me sad. Why would you develop both Deadman and Spectre at the same time? I don’t have an exact number but I’m pretty sure there are enough characters to pick someone who doesn’t have the same basic backstory. To me this is making a Hawkgirl show and Hawkman show at the same time. While Spectre does have better powers than Deadman, I think having Kripke in the latter’s corner may make him come out on top this time.

Cloak and Dagger – Featuring them as teenagers in post-Katrina New Orleans. I always thought that Cloak and Dagger was more of an adult comic. I also don’t see the need to focus greatly on post-Katrina.

Mockingbird – Young woman at college, contacted by S.H.E.I.L.D to be an agent.

Powers – I really like that this is one that has been adapted. It is a super hero comic but not. The main characters are ordinary cops who deal with metahuman crime. I know this is a much-loved comic for a lot of people so I hope that it lives up to their expectations. It’ll also be a good chance to expose people to comic stories that aren’t just good metahumans v bad metahumans.


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